I'm Michaela, a UX designer that enjoys the challenge of translating complex goals into designs that are accessible, engaging, and simple to use.
I have good communication skills and a sharp capacity to empathize as a result of my experience in customer service. This, paired with the knowledge I received from completing a rigorous UX Design program, means I'm ready to dive deep into researching my consumers, creating elegant and modern design solutions to meet their demands, and achieving business objectives!

Outside of my work, I love making doodles on my iPad to hone my drawing skills. I am also a retired figure skater of 15+ years, so when I can, I like to head to the ice-skating rink and skate around. In the years before the pandemic, I used to volunteer to teach kids how to skate on the weekends. I hope to get back on the ice one day and return to teaching kids how to skate.

If you have any questions, send me an email at michaelag61@outlook.com

Click the link to view my resume
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